Outstanding residential and commercial developments

Real estate development and investment group


At CADRE we redefine property through the creation of timeless spaces that combine beautiful aesthetics with considered functionality. Our developments are built upon the application of our global real estate experiences within a local context and realised through a holistic approach that generates the evolution of urban precincts. Ultimately we aim to enrich neighbourhoods through the provision of real estate solutions that ensure their relevance and enhancement for decades to come.


To shape Melbourne’s built environments through multi-disciplinary measures that result in developments that inspire and endure.


The philosophy behind our approach to real estate developments is built around three key pillars;

  1. Form follows function
  2. Enhancing urban precincts
  3. Creating timeless spaces

Each CADRE development harnesses the collective skillsets of our core team alongside collaborative relationships with industry specialists to integrate innovative and contemporary homes and workplaces into existing communities. We maintain a deep consideration for the history and sense of place unique to each location and aim to elevate and enhance the surroundings of each development in spirit with context and heritage. 

Urban precincts of particular economic and cultural appeal form the backbone of our project locales with the metamorphosis of these areas paramount to the generation of future urban renewal momentum to result in increasingly beautiful and productive real estate.

Values & Culture

Our core values are derived from traditional principles ingrained throughout generations of experience.

Working with industry leaders throughout each facet of property acquisition, design, and construction ensure we are consistently introduced to the latest industry practices, materials, methods and aesthetic resolutions. This unifies our developments and distinguishes them as homes and workplaces cemented by a timeless ambiance and the philosophy that form follows function.

We produce elevated, quality led built outcomes via our company culture which nurtures long-established and emerging relationships with clients, tenants and contractors leading to unparalleled commercial and lifestyle results inspired by conversations delivered through collaboration.