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Mitre 10 Sorrento

Designed by Bruce Henderson Architects, Mitre 10 Sorrento is a retail and warehouse offering that includes an open-plan customer trading floor, extensive storage and car-parking within an established and highly desirable commercial and community precinct on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Adopting the distinct language of its brand, Wormsley's Mitre 10 Sorrento is a commercial fusion of its well established graphic aesthetic within the context of Sorrento’s beach side lifestyle.

LOCATION45-47 Kerferd Avenue
Victoria 3943
TEAMDeveloper: CADRE
Builder: Tycorp.
Architect: Bruce Henderson
NOTESPre-commitment - Wormsley's Mitre 10


Key Features;

  1. Natural materials and finishes throughout that echo and reflect the coastal site context
  2. Statement pitched roof synonymous with the design aesthetic of local heritage architecture
  3. Landscape entry to elevate customer experience
  4. Multi-level retail space Abundant storage

The result is a harmonious industrial building with humble architectural inclinations.



The design-led approach to the development of the site has been realised to intentionally integrate into the beachside ambiance of the locality with natural materials and a double pitched roof achieving this sympathetic design response with the local urban context. The recognisable signage of the keynote tenant distinguishes the building which otherwise retains a sense of community appeal.


A resonant dialogue with the Australian vernacular is achieved through the use of corrugated iron roofing, native timber cladding and indigenous landscaping.


“Mitre 10 Sorrento carries the future design and usability requirements of its renowned brand which occupies a space within the psyche of every Australian. The development of its built environments resonates with this innovative yet ambitious juxtaposition.”