Grafton Homemaker Centre

Grafton Home Maker Centre is strategic acquisition of 30,000m2 located in the heart of the commercial strip of South Grafton, located adjoining to Bunnings, Super Cheap Auto and BCF retail. 

Situated near the new road and bridge infastructure into Grafton, from the Clarence Valley via Big River Way and Summerland Way. The site lies on a major town entry gateway to the historic city of Grafton and lies in proximity to the historic centre of South Grafton railway corridor.

CADRE's vision is to create a best in class centre with urban design and sustainability being key drivers in the design. Through Street, Grafton has triple street frontage which presents great opportunity for homemakers centre.

LOCATION21 Through Street

New South Wales 2460
TEAMDeveloper: CADRE
Architects: Bruce Henderson Architects
Gardens: LARC
NOTESPre-committed retail



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