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Bangalow Business Park

BANGALOW BUSINESS PARK consists of six architecturally designed light-industry and commercial office spaces appealing to a diverse mix of e-commerce businesses and trades, but equally to local entrepreneurs and craftspeople. 

Comprising double storey high-tech, quality light-industrial tenancies, set along the natural beauty of the redundant railway reserve, BANGALOW BUSINESS PARK features premium end-of-trip facilities, high-tech design and lush landscaping with an abundance of onsite parking. 

STATUSCompleted - For Lease
LOCATION6 Bugam Place
New South Wales 2479
TEAMDeveloper: CADRE
Builder: Tycorp.
Architect: Iphorm Building Designers
Gardens: Florian Wild Landscape Architects
NOTES6 flexible tenancies with configurations for a variety of uses


Key Features;

  1. Flexible future proof design to suit an array of businesses
  2. Premium kitchen fittings and finishes
  3. Railway Reserve frontage offering a beautiful setting and future pedestrian / cycling path
  4. Landscape design for an eco-friendly workplace
  5. Onsite CCTV and after-hours security gate
“BANGALOW BUSINESS PARK will offer architectural offices and mezzanines with large hardstands, high-speed internet and ample security provision. A new way of working.”


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